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Club Roulette

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As the world begins to wake up again, we are longing for these luxe, extravagant settings of the movies, which feel like strangers to us now. Vito’s cat in the Godfather, the lavish French chess championships in the Queen’s Gambit, or the unmatched chaos of Uncut Gems; all of these stories we consume leave us with a sense of vertigo, where their reality ends, and ours begins. Fashion in its purest sense is a form of escapism. We want to lose ourselves in the world of high fashion again. This intense, luxurious aesthetic is a way of gaining power back in a world that feels so out of control.
Creative direction, words, production design - Anna McGregor.
Photography - Mallory Idoni.
Styling - Lili Dale.
Makeup - Taylor Petrone.
Modeling - Genesis Fields, Tamia Haskins, Zach Ervie, and Suki McGregor.